Camry vs. Hyundai

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The Toyota Camry Comparison

Comparing the Toyota Camry and the Hyundai Sonata

To understand the value that Toyota has been bringing to the market lately, it’s important to do a side by side comparison that evaluates all its features, including the cost, to see where the best value in this class resides. When weighing the Camry vs. Sonata, it is important to look at engine power, warranty details, depreciation, and other factors. Usually, evaluators compute these and other traits into an overall rating, but breaking that rating down can be difficult. It helps to think of it in parts.

Engine Specifications, Features, and Hardware

The Sonata this year features a 4-cylinder engine on all its models, the first year in which it has done so. This makes it light and efficient, topping out at 25 mpg city and 38 mpg on the highway. It’s also known for its dependability, making it a solid buy. The Camry, on the other hand, is built to stand up to its longstanding reputation as one of America’s most popular and reliable lines. It features a standard four cylinder engine with specifications that are closely matched with the Sonata, but it also has the option of a six cylinder upgrade which brings its power up from 178 horsepower to 268.

Value is in the Numbers

Overall, the Camry’s real edge is in price. While the sticker cost of each car is close enough that sales and specials might make the difference in the end, the Camry vs. Sonata price comparison changes quite a bit when you start looking at overall costs of ownership. One of the reasons that American customers love the Camry and keep coming back to it is because it holds its value. That combined with its noted reliability and Toyota’s well-known fuel efficiency make the Camry one of the least expensive cars to own on a year-to-year basis.

Which to Pick?

The comparison is close here, but if you are either looking for value or for the opportunity to pack a little more power into a lighter vehicle, than the Camry wins out. This year’s Sonata has a lot to recommend it, and a lot of innovations that make improvements over previous model years, but those innovations are just bringing it neck and neck with Toyota, whose established lines and reputation allow them to provide a known value with more engine options. That makes it a better bet for the average consumer, especially if their price consciousness includes the vehicle’s overall lifespan and all its maintenance instead of just its sticker price.

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