Camry vs. Honda

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The Toyota Camry Comparison

Comparing the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord

The small sedan class is one of the more popular and affordable classes of vehicle in America, which is why it should be no surprise that practically every automotive manufacturer has attractive offerings in the class. Most of them are easily recognizable too, because this class is large enough to have fans for practically any offering. There are a few that stand out, though, because they generally come to the head of the pack whenever a conversation about the year’s top competitors comes around. Two of those vehicles are the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord.


Both the Camry and the Accord have long manufacturing histories with legacies across several decades, and both have staying power because they have managed to combine design excellence with a quality of craftsmanship. The result is that Accords and Camrys are both recognized as efficient, comfortable, and dependable vehicles around the world.

2017’s Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord Lineup

The two vehicles are often compared because their parent companies design them so much alike, and the new lineup is no different. The engines are almost the same size four cylinder options—2.4L for the Camry vs. 2.5L for the Accord, and both have 3.5L V6 builds, as well as hybrid options. That is where the similarities stop, though. Toyota has loaded the Camry with a variety of options that are simply not available from Honda, and they include a mix of entertainment, comfort, and safety features.

For starters, the Toyota Camry now has the option of wireless smartphone charging, as well as voice activated controls, power sunroof and moon-roof, and navigation. There’s also the opportunity to go for blind spot monitoring and a smart key system if safety and security are issues for you.

All of these options do require a little extra investment, but since the Camry has a warranty available and it starts out less expensive than the Accord, it’s easy to see how those new features still wind up in an eminently affordable vehicle.


If you are looking for a new smaller car this year but you still want comfort and a lot of fun options, the Camry is definitely the choice that comes out ahead in any comparison.

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