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Big Truck Showdown: 2016 Toyota Tundra Vs. 2016 Chevy Silverado

Shopping for a full-size truck is not an easy task. Both domestic and foreign automakers have designed an impressive array of big trucks for the U.S. market. These newer models include a wide range of both basic and extended options, along with engines and internal assemblies designed to wring out as much performance as possible.

While most of these trucks are built incredibly rugged and can stand up to challenges both on and off the road, you want the model that best suits your uses and lifestyle. Not only that, you’d like to save some money while you’re at it. The 2016 Toyota Tundra and the 2016 Chevy Silverado are both impressive contenders. However, the potential cost savings will favor the Tundra for many consumers.

Start With the Sticker Price

For any matchup to be fair, the two vehicle models in question should be equivalent to each other in terms of features and functionality. Even a Tundra vs. Silverado comparison isn’t so straightforward unless you select trucks that are roughly equal in dimensions and features. Ensuring the equity is your comparisons might take a little extra homework, but you’ll be better able to see how each model matches up with the others.

That being said, the Toyota Tundra tends to have a lower sticker price than its Silverado cousin. For example, the 2016 Tundra 4×2 Double Cab SR priced out around $2,000 lower than 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 Double Cab 2WD LS with Standard box. Two grand may not seem like much of a difference. Nevertheless, it does add up when auto financing interest is factored in.

Intangible Factors Add Value

If you’re a die-hard American truck fan, the $2 price difference might not sway you over to the Toyota yet. However, the Tundra packs in more towing capacity and features than its equivalent Silverado. Consider that the Tundra’s towing capacity weighs in at 10,300 pounds, as opposed to the Silverado which only boasts half of that at 5,600 pounds. That’s double the cargo capacity, backed by an engine cranking out 381 horsepower in contrast to the Silverado’s 285 horses. That kind of power means you’re ready for any tough job that life throws at you and your truck.

Additionally, the Tundra’s list of standard features makes the Silverado pale a little in comparison. Right off the bat, the Tundra includes a CD player, an MP3-capable stereo system, an outside temperature gauge, a rear split folding bench seat, a backup camera and a skid plate. All those are available on the Silverado, but must be added on as extra options. And if you need a little extra nudge towards the Tundra, you’ll love knowing that it is indeed made in America: in this case, at Toyota’s San Antonio truck plant.

Toyota Tundra: Value at a Lower Price

Weighing your full-size truck options based on looks, features and towing power can be both enjoyable and challenging. While you’re doing so, don’t forget about potential cost savings from which you might benefit. In this Tundra vs. Silverado matchup, the Toyota is the clear winner in terms of features, towing capacity and price. And because the Tundra is manufactured in Texas, those looking for an American-made full-size truck can happily select it over the Silverado.

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