Prius vs. Ford

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Prius vs. Fusion Hybrid: 2016 Edition

After years of research and development, Ford has finally entered the hybrid car marketplace with the impressive 2016 hybrid Ford Fusion. While Ford’s commitment to technology and creature comforts makes their hybrid version of the popular Fusion sedan appealing, it doesn’t go quite far enough to unseat Toyota’s dominance in the class. There are a few reasons for that, but the main one is simple: Ford has decided to put a premium on innovation, and that means they have a premium price, which drives their higher five-year cost of ownership.

Fuel Efficiency and Maintenance

Ford builds tough vehicles that when properly taken care of last a long time. Toyota, though, is known for durability, and estimates of the two vehicles’ costs of ownership reflect that, with the Toyota having a lower estimated depreciation and less expensive maintenance estimates on average. When you add in the fact that they have also managed to hold onto their dominance in the fuel efficiency category, it’s easy to see why the Toyota starts with a $2000 edge on the sticker price and widens that lead to almost $5000 at five years.

Safety, Comfort, and Technology

When it comes to safety, the Prius has some of the best ratings in the class, and that’s part of what has made it such a desirable family vehicle over the last decade. Ford performs well in this area too, to the point where it is difficult to find a clear advantage between the two. The real advantage goes to the Ford when it comes to comfort and premium design, though, because this year’s Fusion boasts an interior that was made to look like it belonged to a class ahead of the one it is competing in. That being said, the two are neck-and-neck for technological options with the Prius maintaining a slight advantage when it comes to both Bluetooth connectivity and ease of use.


It’s hard to pick a winner in the Prius vs. Fusion battle, but when you take a look at the real reasons to go hybrid—savings, fuel economy, and reduced carbon footprint—the Toyota Prius maintains its place at the head of the pack. That makes it the winner in the Prius vs. Fusion Hybrid 2016 showdown.

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