Prius vs. Hyundai

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Comparing the Toyota Prius vs. Sonata Hybrid 2016

For years, Toyota has dominated the hybrid car market with a wide umbrella of Prius models that provide differing levels of interior space and options packages designed to suit a variety of needs. The competition in that market space has been heating up recently, though, and this year’s Hyundai Sonata hybrid sports a fierce design that looks like it was specifically engineered to give the Prius close competition. Let’s take a closer look at both vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency, Maintenance, and Depreciation

The big areas where Toyota has traditionally dominated have been with vehicles that hold their value, that have well-controlled maintenance costs, and with the Prius line especially, vehicles that are also leaders in fuel efficiency. The Hyundai is too new to have more than a roughly estimated depreciation number, but the maintenance estimates and difference in sticker price point to the Toyota being a likely leader in both maintenance costs and fuel efficiency, which does give it an edge in terms of holding its value.

MSRP, Safety, and Comfort

For drivers looking for a family car that comes with a great value, the Prius takes the cake with ease. Not only does it come with a lower MSRP, it also has some great government crash test ratings and the five-year cost of ownership estimate on the Prius is over $4,000 less than the Sonata hybrid. With both vehicles being highly rated for comfort and technology options, there’s a lot to recommend the Toyota to anyone looking for an efficient vehicle that will be a great investment.


While there are some great features in the Sonata, the overall balance of value decides the question of Prius vs. Sonata hybrid 2016 solidly in favor of the Prius. It promises to continue Toyota’s legacy of having the most forward-thinking hybrid cars on the market, year after year without pause.

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