RAV4 Hybrid Cost of Ownership

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Every Toyota Hybrid Battery Warranty is being increased from 8 years or 100,000 miles to 10 years from the date of first use, or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Underneath RAV4 Hybrid’s rugged good looks is innovative engineering that makes RAV4 Hybrid the fastest RAV4.

RAV4 Hybrid represents the long-sought-after, never-before-realized integration of two highly desirable vehicle attributes: surprisingly good fuel economy, and the enhanced traction under difficult road conditions that’s made possible by available all-wheel drive (AWD). Take your adventures as far as you can go. RAV4 Hybrid’s advanced engine produces an ample 219 combined net horsepower for impressive acceleration all the way to highway speeds.

RAV4 Hybrid Cost of Ownership

There’s nothing more exciting or empowering than buying a new vehicle. But many drivers do not realize there’s considerably more to owning and operating a vehicle than paying the initial price. Cost of ownership is an estimate that accounts for variables such as fuel costs, insurance, state fees, financing, vehicle depreciation, repair and maintenance, and other “hidden” costs.

To get a better sense of the true cost of owning—and using—your new car, it’s helpful to look down the road at least five years. According to an independent assessment, RAV4 Hybrid XLE, for example, comes out ahead of its two closest competitors in terms of actual cost per mile over five years. RAV4 Hybrid not only gives you the best of both worlds, it also does so more affordably than other options.

RAV4 Hybrid MSRP:

RAV4 LE Hybrid: $28,350 starting MSRP.

RAV4 XLE Hybrid: $29,645 starting MSRP.

RAV4 XSE Hybrid: $34,300 starting MSRP.

RAV4 Limited Hybrid: $36,880 starting MSRP.

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