Prius Cost of Ownership

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Since its introduction at the dawn of the new century, Toyota Prius has taken the automotive world by storm. As the world’s first mass-produced gas/electric hybrid, Prius appeals to a wide range of consumers. That includes people who love the fact that its tailpipe emissions are ultra-clean, as well as people who love saving big money at the pump.

With Prius, you’ll help save the environment—and save more of your hard-earned money—all at the same time. And you’ll do it in style. Prius has consistently taken the lead in the hybrid market. With 2015 EPA-estimated 51 city/48 highway/50 combined mileage for the Prius Liftback, for example, you can’t help but save big on gas.

But that’s just one reason the Prius Liftback was the best selling hybrid in American in 2014. Gas mileage is one thing. But car buyers demand more than impressive fuel efficiency. They demand quality and value. And Toyota delivers. That’s why 95% of all Toyota Prius models sold in the last ten years are still on the road.

Compared to its leading competitors, for example, the 2013 Toyota Prius IV costs slightly more initially, but saves you anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 over the five-year life of the vehicle. Take the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. Despite its lower initial price compared to the Toyota Prius IV, the Hyundai is estimated to cost you more than $4,000 more to own and operate over five years.

Five-year cost-of-ownership comparisons take into account often-overlooked costs of ownership such as depreciation, financing, insurance, fuel, maintenance and repairs. By evaluating these real-world costs, rather than initial price alone, it’s possible to make a better-informed decision about which vehicle truly provides the best value for the money.

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