RAV4 vs. Honda

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Comparing the Rav4 and the Honda CRV

If you are in the market for a rugged, off-road experience in a vehicle that is still light and efficient enough to work as your main commuter car, you need to take a look at what has been coming out in the compact utility vehicle range. The last few years have seen a lot of innovation in this particular niche in the market, but the two strongest competitors remain Toyota and Honda, who each have one of the most recognizable vehicles in the class. Before you decide between the newest iteration of the CRV and the Rav 4, though, it’s worth taking a look at how they stack up side by side.

Toyota Rav 4 vs Honda CRV: Features and Specs

It only takes a little look at the options and features available on each vehicle to see why the Toyota comes out ahead in the comparison. For starters, there is at least an optional navigation system available with the Rav 4, and the Honda CRV does not offer it at all. The same goes for the front knee airbags, voice activated controls, and satellite radio, all of which are available as options on the Rav 4.

The Honda does deliver slightly better gas mileage, at a combined 25 mpg to the Rav’s 22 mpg, but with Toyota’s excellent projected maintenance schedule and warranty and the lower cost of ownership, the Rav 4 still comes ahead in five year cost of ownership estimates.

Options, Options, Options

Not every driver will find themselves wanting to check out every option in the new Rav 4, but one thing is for sure, and that is there is a little something for everyone. From safety features to entertainment, comfort, and accessibility, there are ways to make the Rav 4 your own that simply are not available with the competition at all, and that makes it easy to see why the Toyota has this year’s Honda offering beat.

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