Corolla iM vs. Chevrolet

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Comparing the Corolla iM and the Chevrolet Sonic

The hatchback is back! One of the most efficient vehicle designs ever created, vehicles with a hatchback design waned in popularity a bit during the early days of the SUV’s popularity. As more and more consumers search for cost-effective vehicles that deliver a great driving experience and an efficient cost profile, though, they are surging in popularity, and Toyota is taking the lead with its revamped Corolla iM hatchback. Let’s take a look at how it compares to the competition.

Toyota Corolla iM vs. Chevrolet Sonic

This year’s Corolla iM stands up next to Chevrolet’s Sonic offering in several ways. The two have comparable engine sizes, with both manufacturers offering 1.8L, 4-cylinder engine sizes. They’re also fairly close in most other specs, although the Toyota does come out ahead. To start with, there’s the cargo space, where the Corolla iM ekes out a 1 cubic foot lead at 20 to the Sonic’s 19. This might seem inconsequential now, but when you need to bring one more backpack, it won’t.

The Toyota does sport one horsepower less engine power than the Chevrolet, with the Corolla iM touting 137 and the Sonic 138. That power difference doesn’t make up for the fuel efficiency gap, though. That’s where the Corolla iM really shines, with 27mpg in the city to the Chevy’s 24, and 35mpg highway to the Sonic’s 34. For those that do most of their driving in town, this points to a substantial savings that simply can not be ignored.

Long-Term Cost of Ownership

One of the reasons why Toyota’s offerings tend to be good investments across the board is because the company has done such a stellar job of producing designs that hold their value. With this company-wide trait and their tendency to be very close to the least expensive vehicle in most classes, if not the least expensive, it is even easier to see why Toyota makes vehicles that are a great buy. When you add in the fact that they are also beating the competition for fuel efficiency more often than not, it’s easy to see why people who view their vehicles as an investment tend to choose Toyota.

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