Toyota vs Nissan

Comparing RAV4 vs. Rogue—Comfort, Style, and Safety

Nissan’s growth in the market over recent years has caused other car companies to have to dig deep to continue competing against their ascendancy, but Toyota has done well by continuing to produce vehicles that live up to its legacy of long-lived, low-maintenance automobiles that make great investments because they hold their value. This year’s offering is no different, and it continues the company’s legacy of fighting off fad innovations with consistent efficiency and savings.

Size, Comfort, and Options

This year’s Rogue is built more luxuriously than previous offerings, with fully equipped vehicles including Nissan’s innovative Intelligent Key. The RAV4 competes closely here, though. While Toyota does not have a feature to directly mirror the Intelligent Key, they do have some of the leading hands-free synchronization options in the market and the RAV4 boasts its own unique line of creature comforts and upgrades that include a touchscreen infotainment center and six-speaker sound system.

Cost and Efficiency

As in previous years, Toyota continues to maintain an edge in fuel efficiency with the release of the RAV4 Hybrid option, but when comparing gasoline-only models the Rogue does come in ahead of the Toyota for the first time. The other side of the comparison is simple, though. With no hybrid option, the Rogue lacks an essential option for competition in today’s market.

Despite coming out with an edge in fuel efficiency for the gas-only models though, the question of RAV4 vs. Rogue is not decided on fuel efficiency alone, because the RAV4 still boasts a lower five-year cost of ownership, holding true to Toyota’s legacy of building rugged cars that make great investments.


To get a sense of your best value when comparing the RAV4 vs. Rogue 2016 models, it is important to remember that not all the costs of a vehicle are readily apparent. Some play out over time, and that is why it is important to know what the long-term cost of ownership looks life for any vehicle.