Toyota vs Honda

Corolla vs. Civic: 2016 Edition

The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have a longstanding rivalry. Both regularly outperform their competition in their class, and both offer reliability that is not only measurable in their lower depreciation rates but also in their long standing reputations for durability and quality engineering. When deciding which particular model has the advantage in today’s marketplace, you need to put the two cars head to head, to see the fine differences in this year’s offerings.

Power and Performance

The Honda Civic has managed to put together one impressive power package, which models offering a 158 and 174 hp engines respectively, while remaining competitive with the Corolla’s 35 mpg combined fuel efficiency. By comparison, the Corolla’s four cylinder engine only puts out 132 hp, although the ease of its transmission shifting and its quality handling make it a light, smooth drive for those who are less concerned with power and acceleration.


Toyota has a longstanding history of excellence in safe automotive design, which many of its past offerings scoring the highest possible ratings on independent crash tests. This year’s Corolla continues that tradition of quality, but the design changes made at Honda back up its improved power profile with safety features that are designed to match. That means that this year’s Civic meets or beats the Corolla in just about every outstanding test.

Technology and Infotainment

One area where Toyota has been outperforming the competition on almost every model has been its infotainment and technology profile. With voice activated controls standard and auxiliary inputs standard, it is prepared to work with your devices to ensure you have the ability to work with your music or handle your navigation hands free, allowing you to be more comfortable and to focus more on the road in front of you. That makes your drive both safer and more fun.


Last but not least, there is the cost factor. Initially, the vehicles are close, with less than $1,000 difference in their MSRPs. With the Civic’s upgrade to a more powerful engine though, the savings become more clear, as the Corolla then begins to gain clear advantages for both sticker price and fuel efficiency.

These two models are incredibly competitive, but when it comes to the lowest overall cost of ownership, this year’s round of Corolla vs. Civic has a clear winner, even if it is not by a wide margin. For the best value in this class overall and the lower cost of ownership over five years, the Corolla wins.