2016 Toyota Prius


Cost Comparison for a New Toyota Prius – Details

Toyota has continued to streamline the design of its ever popular hybrid vehicles. The new Prius is 2.4 inches longer and nearly an inch lower, giving it a sleek aerodynamic shape that helps increase its famous fuel efficiency. The Prius Two Eco is an improvement on its predecessors with a groundbreaking increase in estimated gas mileage of 58 mpg on the highway and 53 mpg in the city. This is due to a Li-ion battery and a kit for tire inflation instead of a spare tire, that reduces the weight of the Eco by 65 pounds from the Prius Two.

The Prius Two has better looks, too. With an increased angle to the windshield, a low back end and a higher front end, the vehicle is sportier. In fact, it’s so sleek it now has a spoiler.

Standard and New Features

Standard for Prius is keyless entry, LED headlights, rearview camera, Bluetooth, voice recognition, and a six-speaker audio system. Other features of note:


  • 17” wheels with a one-of-a-kind dark metal finish
  • Custom exterior colors of Absolutely Red or Blizzard Pearl
  • Custom exterior badge
  • Dark chrome on the door grips, steering and shifter bezel
  • Turn signal mirrors
  • Blue foot well illumination


A Car for the Roads of Tomorrow


The Prius Eco Two has the highest city mileage of any vehicle in history, but it is not only a fuel saver, it has pep, too, with a new styled interior and exterior that will get noticed. A reliable car, 95% of all Prius vehicles that were sold over the last 10 years are still on the road. Compared to competing hybrid brands, the Prius is more affordable to own, saving consumers nearly $5,000 in five years compared to other similar models. The Prius continues to be one of the best-selling hybrid cars in America.